Solution on production technology:

New technology, new materials, new modern designs in construction are one of the key factors to reduce the cost of competitive products in the market. Therefore, the company needs to:

Continue to cooperate with partners to get regular support for new technology and technology.
Coordinate with companies to design, supply materials and equipment to always have products suitable for customer needs.
There are technological standards for each type of material and equipment to provide customers with safe products, stable quality and reasonable prices.
Marketing solutions:

The factor that makes the difference between similar products can only be the added services that the company offers to its customers.

Capturing customers’ desires and providing differentiated services will be a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Strengthening market research, collecting and processing information from the distribution system, from customers, from the market to effectively serve product design and subjective limitations.

The services that the consulting group cares about the most are the accompanying services.