Producing unburnt bricks

The general trend of society today is to use unburnt bricks and tiles, the replacement of gauze and terracotta tiles with unburnt bricks and tiles brings a lot of benefits to society and the environment. To create a brick, unburnt tile undergoes many different stages, but in general it is simpler and safer than making bricks and terracotta tiles.

Why choose unburnt bricks and tiles

Unburnt bricks and tiles are made up of natural materials, available and not using heat to heat. They are adhered to by a type of press and then cured until they are of quality.

This type of unburnt bricks and tiles reaches 700-100 international standards. Unbaked bricks and tiles will gradually increase durability during use. Therefore, unburnt bricks and tiles are one of the best quality bricks and tiles today and have been widely used in all countries around the world.

Currently in the world, there are many manufacturers of non-baked bricks and tiles, depending on the standards of bricks and tiles of each country, which have suitable equipment in terms of shape, size and durability of tablets. brick. In addition, this equipment line also depends on the materials that make up bricks and tiles in the locality where we choose the location of unburnt brick and tile factory.

Unburnt brick line

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Tile line

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Compared with terracotta bricks and tiles

Comparison of economic and technical efficiency of production and use, non-baked building materials products have many properties superior to baked materials:

Do not use clay materials to produce. Clay is mainly exploited from agricultural land, reducing the area of ​​food crops, is a current global threat.
Do not use fuel such as coal, firewood … to burn. Saving fuel and energy and not emitting dust and polluting the environment.
Manufactured from advanced international technology and equipment, there are inhibitory solutions and quality assurance, specifications of products. Effective in clear construction, in accordance with TCVN
Production facilities can be developed in many different scales, not controlled much on production grounds. Investment is lower than baked materials …
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Can create a variety of product types, different colors, different sizes, adapt to diversity in construction, improve architectural efficiency
Products with high strength, sound insulation, fire insulation, waterproof, waterproof, accurate size, perfect specifications than baked materials. Minimize steel structure, shorten construction time, save mortar, lower cost.
Technological characteristics of unburnt bricks and tiles

Input materials are not picky, endless
Manufacturing machinery lines are manufactured at home and abroad
Build factories all over the terrain from islands to high mountains
Material additives available on the market
Produce from manual to fully automated
Quality standard bricks good
Lower prices than baked bricks and tiles
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