Firstly, NTT Joint Stock Company would like to wish our customers health, success and prosperity.

NTT Joint Stock Company was established in 2005 with the main business of manufacturing unburnt bricks. NTT unburnt bricks were born as a process of learning and researching the application of science and technology into production, as a result of the process of drawing experiences from shareholders to develop results to bring friendly products. with environment and energy saving.

Operating in the field of first unburnt brick production of Yen Thanh District and one of the pioneering units of Nghe An province. Affirming that the company is at the forefront of the resolution of the Party and the State on production activities to create environmentally friendly products. Following that trend, NTT joint stock company has gradually affirmed its position. Its market share in Nghe An province and other provinces across the country.

The system of modern lines imported from foreign countries each year can supply 100 million tablets with various models and forms to meet the needs of many types of works with high quality and price. reasonable.

With the motto of taking core technology, NTT Joint Stock Company is gradually improving its lines and adding new production systems to meet market demands. At the same time, building and testing successfully. distribution channel system promotes advantages of raw materials and machinery. This is a premise for NTT joint stock company to gradually expand and expand production scale, improve product quality.

Not only committed by slogan and financial capacity, but we always strive and constantly strive for innovation and creativity to improve service quality with competitive prices, respect for religion. business ethics to best meet customer requirements. Thanks to that, the products of NTT joint stock company are always welcomed and supported by investors, contractors and consumers. That is all evidence of future development, affirming the position of unburnt brick products of NTT joint stock company in the domestic market.

Sincerely thank you !

                                                                                                                 Giám đốc

                                                                                                             Nguyễn Hữu Thi